Born UK but for nearly forty years lived in various countries as well as UK  

First studied art briefly in Taller Torres Garcia, Uruguay

Later, BFA & MFA, Corcoran School of Art, Washington DC

Settled finally in London 1970

1970 1979    Tutor in Art Schools 1970 1978;

1979 1987   Studio Workshop Head, Byam Shaw School of Art; 

1989 1997   Tutor for AE Art classes,  L.B. Ealing

1997  with Marcus & Arthur de Mowbray, bought and set up 330 Studios

Graphite on Rough Paper  16 x 16 cm
Variations  Oil 
70 x 40 cm



'These drawings are derived from figures for tidal levels at different sites. Coastal configurations modify the basic regularity of tidal rhythms so each drawing is a sort of individual portrait but always express a quality of ebb and flow.'

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From the top:-


London Bridge



An art-work poses a question because it is a unique object which stands outside time. But our lives and our world are not static and we move inexorably, our lives changing as our perceptions of the world change. And I want to witness this sense of flux, of process... but how can I express it on my flat canvas?

Palindrome 8/1

Palindrome 8/2



Oil  80 x 80 cm

"X" from Series XYZ
Oil  90 x 90 cm

"Y" from Series XYZ
Oil 90 x 90 cm



4 Modular Relief's  1987 - 1995


CONTACT:  tam.giles@btinternet.com